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Fenner Poly-F Plus auto belt, are more popular because of Compact configuration, high transmission capability, thin belt body, high flexing capability and anti-heat, anti-oil, anti-wearing and little pre-tensioning required during the service.

Fenner  Poly-F Plus V-Belts, Its have high transmission ratio because of tooth of poly-V belt, So its have high transmission power about 30% – 50% higher up than normal V-belts and it have lower vibration, Oil and Heat resistance and save space.

Fenner Poly-F Plus belts covers the five cross sections and pulley groove dimensions .
PH – Fractional Horse Power belt for very light duty applications.
PJ – Low cost belt for light duty applications.
PK – Designed specifically for the automotive, it is also suitable for Machine Tool drives, etc
PL – Medium duty drive belt covering a wide range of applications.
PM -High performance makes this belt unrivalled for heavy-duty applications.
low stretch belt. The continuous high tensile synthetic cord makes maximum utilization of the face width and ensures a uniform tension through the belt.